1. Cambridgeshire & Northamptonshire Buses
    Scroll down the list of routes below to find the ones you want. Then click ‘Download’ to view a PDF of the timetable.  Universal route U is in the separate Universal – the Busway page.

For maps and diagrams for each route, please download the appropriate leaflet below which all include maps.

Whippet Express X2 X3 (Daily)

Corby - Thrapston - Huntingdon - Godmanchester - Papworth Everard - Lower Cambourne - Cambourne - Madingley Road (X3) - Cambridge (X3) - rail station (X3) - Biomedical Campus - Addenbrooke's

From Tuesday 4 May, new improved weekday service running every 30 minutes, replacing route 478. Journeys that ran as 478 at weekends now run as X3.

Northamptonshire 8 (Mondays to Saturdays)

Corby - Geddington - Kettering

61 (Mondays to Saturdays)

Eaton Socon - St Neots - Eynesbury

63 (Mondays to Fridays)

St Neots - Eaton Ford - Eaton Socon - Eynesbury - Railway Station - St Neots