On Saturday 25 March three teams from 5th St Ives Scouts Group used Busway Route C to complete the last task towards their Expedition & Adventure Challenge Awards.

Steve Kelly, Scout Leader with 5th St Ives was responsible for all the preparations. ?The Scouts have been working on these challenges for the last 10 months. At the weekend they had to collect items at certain grid references by travelling from St Ives to a base in Cambridge, which was unknown to them.  Apart from hiking, the only transport they could use was bus services provided by Whippet Coaches. We are extremely grateful to the staff at Whippet Coaches for making the day possible and would like to give them a BIG THANK YOU!?

?We were very pleased to be able to help out?, explained Roger Birch, Operations Manager at Whippet Coaches. ?Our drivers are always prepared to do their duty, something our regular passengers on The Busway rely on every day for them to get to work, place of education or leisure destination.?