Changes to some fares from 19 May 2018

Some tickets prices will change from the above date, but many will stay the same. Below is a summary of the main changes:

  • Some adult single and return fares are rounded up (or down in some instances) to the nearest 50p. Child single and return fares will adjust, based on approx. 2/3 the adult price.
  • Route 31 has some larger than average increases due to most fares being much lower at present compared with parallel or nearby bus routes.
  • The flat fare in St Neots on the 6, 61, 62 and 63 becomes £1.60 single for adults, £1.10 for children.
  • No changes to single and return fares on the U, 75 (except within Cambridge) or 478.
  • No changes to Day Rovers, Week Rovers or 4-Week Rovers except the Huntingdon Day Rover, which becomes £3.
  • No changes to Group tickets

You can download the new fare tables by clicking here, but please note that these are just guides. Always tell the driver where you are going to ensure you purchase the correct ticket. Some fare stages may not be clear, or special rules may apply in some situations.

Please have the correct money ready if possible, as drivers do not always have change available. Thank you.