We are here to get you there, but we have a restricted number of seats available to allow us to observe social distancing.  Please give priority to those who need to make the journey.

A special timetable continues to operate on Universal, but we will be back to normal timetables on all other routes from Monday 8 March.  Our extra school buses will run from then as well to ensure spare capacity is available for schools reopening.

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When travelling on our buses, please pay by contactless or use our App and observe social distancing.  Please only sit on an unmarked seat. There may be occasions where you may need to travel on the next bus.  We have extra buses and drivers available to ensure you can travel.

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Catch a Whippet along the guided busway or around Cambridgeshire. We aim to provide reliable services at reasonable prices with friendly drivers.

Our timetables are available to download on this website. To quickly find which services operate in your area, go to the top right corner of the page and enter your start point or destination (or route number if you know it) in the search box and the services we operate will be displayed. You can also download our latest timetable leaflets by clicking on the links below:

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