We are currently recruiting bus drivers for our Cambridgeshire network. Please send us your details by email using the ‘contact us’ page of this website if you are a qualified PCV Licence holder or call our Freephone number – 0808 168 6167

We need the following members of staff:

  • Full time PCV holder
  • Part time PCV holder (to operate schools/college services am and pm only)

Driving a Whippet bus can be a very gratifying experience. We trust our drivers to get on with the task of delivering great service to our customers so it’s a bit like being your own boss. However, supervisors, engineers and managers can provide support when it’s required as we all know things can go wrong from time to time. Our friendly working environment extends to out on the road where our passengers really appreciate what we do. Many of our valued customers know our drivers by name and even what shift they are working!

We have a nice cross-section of routes and our buses don’t run late into the evening. Most services also don’t operate on Sundays and Public Holidays, making the working week much more enjoyable. We try to create pleasant and less stressful driving duties, including more running time in the peaks and plenty of recovery time at the end of journeys where we know it’s required. This enables us to deliver a better service for customers when traffic congestion becomes very bad.

So if you are looking for a job which brings the pleasure back to driving, get in touch now. We look forward to hearing from you.