You can now purchase some tickets on your i-Phone or Android phone using a credit or debit card. Simply search for ‘Whippet m-Ticket’ in the App Store or in Google Play in order to download the App. An account will need to be created the first time you purchase a ticket, but your details will then be saved for future purchases.

We will gradually add more tickets to the App. The tickets currently available are:

  • Universal – 10 Journey (10 single tickets for route U)
  • Universal – Purple 10 (10 Purple One tickets for holders of appropriate ID)
  • Universal – Week ticket
  • St Neots – 10 Day Rovers
  • St Neots – Week Rover
  • Huntingdon – Week Rover

For m-Ticket terms and conditions, please click here

Note, Busway C tickets are currently not available.

You can use these QR codes to download the App for your device: