Changes to some fares in St Neots and Huntingdon on 28 July 2018
Some ticket prices will change If you pay the driver. However, we are introducing new m-Tickets which will mean customers do not need to pay more if they have downloaded our new App on to their mobile phone (see story below). This is because we want less people paying the driver in cash, therefore helping to reduce delays at bus stops.
The tickets are:

  • St Neots Day Rover – the price will become £2.70, but you will be able to purchase 10 St Neots Day Rovers for £25 on the m-Ticket App (so still £2.50 each)
  • St Neots Week Rover – the price will become £11, but you will still be able to purchase a St Neots Week Rover for £10 on the m-Ticket App
  • Huntingdon Week Rover – the price will become £13.50, but you will still be able to purchase a Huntingdon Week Rover for £12.50 on the m-Ticket App

Changes to routes 6, 61, 62, 63 and X3 from 28 July 2018
The 62 will no longer operate but more journeys will run on the 61. Buses will no longer operate along Duck Lane, Sandfields Road and Queens Gardens. The afternoon journey on route 63 will no longer run (a journey on the 61 will serve Ernulf Academy from 3 September). Unfortunately route 6 will be withdrawn, due to the changes to other services in St Neots.

The X3 will have a new timetable with a reduction in the number of journeys operated during the daytime. This is due to the ending of a school contract operated on behalf of Cambridgeshire County Council.

Please see the local buses section (within Routes menu or from the home page) to download a PDF copy of the new timetable.

Mobile phone ticketing (m-Ticketing)
You can now download our m-Ticket App for iPhone and Android devices and purchase a selection of tickets. Click here to find out more.

Changes to some fares from 19 May 2018
Please click here to find out more. There are no changes to route U and only fares within Cambridge change on route 75. The only change on route 478 is the Day Rover, which increase to £3.

Timetable changes to routes 63 and 478
New timetables for routes 63 and 478 will commence from Saturday 19 May 2018. This is in connection with the new Thameslink train timetables, to ensure customers have the best chance of connecting with the best trains to London. Please note, the school journey on route 478 will depart Godmanchester 5 minutes earlier.

Click here to download the new 63 timetable from 21 May 2018
Click here to download the new 478 timetable from 19 May 2018

Busway Smartcards from 29 April 2018
On Sunday 29 April the cost of the following Busway Smartcards increase to £30 for 10 journeys:

  • Zone 2 to Zone 3
  • Zone 2 to Zone 4
  • Zone 3 to Zone 4

If you travel aboard a C service twice a day then it will be cheaper to purchase a Daisy ticket for £5, giving unlimited travel on the day of purchase. If you travel 4 or 5 times a week then the following Rover tickets will work out cheaper:

  • All Zones (Fenstanton / St Ives / Swavesey to Cambridge) – £22 per week, £70 for a 4-Week Rover
  • City Plus (Longstanton / Oakington / Histon to Cambridge) – £17 per week, £50 for a 4-Week ticket

2 December 2017 – Free Parking
On Saturday 2 December we helped the 5th St Ives Scout Group with their latest challenge – a full-size game of Monopoly!  The Scouts had to travel between St Ives and Cambridge visiting locations associated with the famous board game. Our Busway C service was ideal as it now operates every 30 minutes on Saturday mornings. Using the bus also means no need to find and pay for parking! Click below for a picture of one group on board our bus driven by Chris Storr.





26 September 2017 – X3 is now X-ier
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8 September 2017 – route U extended to Eddington
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14 July 2017 – Henry goes to school
Read about Henry’s visit to Bushmead Primary School in St Neots

Our drivers were prepared on 25 March 2017
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Whippet Puppies Launched
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