Subject to space, You may take a reasonable amount of luggage with you at no extra charge and if there is space it should be stowed in the allocated luggage rack. You should ensure that your luggage does not obstruct the gangways or exits.

We do not permit bicycles on board our vehicles. However, folded bicycles are allowed so long as they do not present a risk to other passengers, their property or our vehicle.  We encourage owners of collapsible bikes to use a bike bag to prevent sharp edges from being exposed. Folded bicycles must not be taken upstairs on double-deckers.

Light, folding pushchairs / buggies can be brought on board and should be stored without obstruction. All our buses have space for a wheelchair user, so unfolded buggies can use this when it is not required.

Due to the differences in the size and layout of vehicles, there¬†are no set limits as to what can be brought on board. However, the driver’s discretion is always final.