*** Update – 25 August (updated to include details from the County Council) ***

We continuously review the financial performance of our local bus services and weekly monitoring has been taking place since the major network change in July 2015.

A large percentage of our bus services are contracts on behalf of Cambridgeshire County Council and these have run for many years at their original rates. During this time our operating costs have increased significantly and it is no longer possible to continue to provide these services at a loss.  We also run a number of services on a commercial basis (i.e. without any financial support) and some of these are not covering their operating costs.  The difficult decision has therefore been taken to make a number of changes to the local bus network from 2 September. Please read our statement by clicking here.

There are no changes to routes 6, 31, 61, 62, 63, 75, 196, 400, 401 and the U. Routes 8, 476, 477, X3 and C have some changes (see below). The County Council has awarded new contracts for some of the other services. Click here to download a summary of the changes

Some more details can be found below (new timetables for the 1A, 7A, 9, 15, 21, 45A, 114 and 117 can be found at the bottom of the page):

Route 8
Route 8 will have a revised timetable from 2 September 2017 with journeys serving Hilton at peak times – Click here to download a PDF of the new timetable for route 8 .

Route 476 and 477 from 2 September 2017 These services will be extended to serve the new Romans’ Edge housing development and renumbered 478. Buses will operate in a figure of eight around Godmanchester as follows:  From Post Street as present to Tudor Road, then left at the end of Tudor Road in to London Road to reach Romans’ Edge, then a new bus gate will enable buses to access Kisby Avenue (restoring buses after a 2 year absence), then Pettit Road and Windsor Road back to Tudor Road, then right at the end of Tudor Road in to London Road and to Huntingdon as normal. Peak-time journeys will operate to Huntingdon Railway Station / Hinchingbrooke School and some off-peak journeys will run to Tesco. Click here to download a PDF of the new 478 timetable

Route C from 2 September 2017 We will be increasing the number of trips between St Ives and Cambridge, Drummer Street Bus Station to provide a bus up to every 30 minutes on Mondays to Saturdays, with earlier and later journeys too. Buses will continue to operate every hour on Sundays, but the gap at midday will be removed so the service is regular throughout the day.  Route C will no longer serve Cambridge Railway Station, Somersham or Hills Road/Ramsey Road in St Ives.  Some morning and afternoon journeys will start and finish at Fenstanton, providing residents with their first Busway service to Cambridge and the restoration of a Sunday service. Click here to download a PDF of the new C timetable

Route X3 from 2 September 2017 This service commenced in July 2015 linking Huntingdon and Cambridge via Godmanchester, Papworth and Cambourne and we have noticed a welcome increase in patronage compared with the former 1/3 bus routes. This has inspired us to introduce a Sunday service from 4 September, giving greater benefit to those who purchase our weekly or 4-week Rover tickets. There are some timetable adjustments on other days of the week.  Buses in Godmanchester will now serve Tudor Road and between Cambourne and Cambridge the X3 will use the A428 dual-carriageway instead of St Neots Road.  The latter will speed up journeys and should make the service more punctual. Buses will no longer deviate via West Cambridge, remaining on Madingley Road instead.  Route 3 will no longer operate, but route 8 will serve Hilton at peak times. Click here to download a PDF of the new X3 timetable. Click here to download a PDF of the new timetable for route 8

Our priority will be to continue with our emphasis on reliable services operated by friendly drivers charging reasonable fares, including discounts for children and students. Timetables will be published nearer the time. We urge customers to be patient with us while we work through these changes. Thank you.

Other operators’ services from 2 September 2017
Dews 1A final timetable
A2B Coaches 7A timetable
Dews 9 timetable
Dews 15 final timetable
Dews 21 timetable
Dews 45A timetable
Big Green Bus Company 114 final timetable
Big Green Bus Company 117 final timetable