Changes to some fares from 30 April 2017

The price of the All Zones Day Rover will become £6 from Sunday 30 April 2017.

There will also be some changes to single and return fares on route C, although the following won’t be changing:

  • Single and return from Somersham to Cambridge
  • Single from St Ives to Cambridge
  • Single and return from Swavesey to Cambridge
  • Single and return from Longstanton to Cambridge (but fares to Regional College will increase)

There are no changes to other Day Rover tickets or the great-value week and 4-week Rover tickets.

Passengers travelling from St Ives to Central Cambridge (New Square, Drummer Street Bus Station and Regent Street) on routes 1A and C who are returning the same day will be able to purchase a day return from the driver for £5.80 instead of the £6 All Zones Day Rover.

Please be prepared to pay a different price from Sunday 30 April just in case.