What happens with lost property?

If you think that you might have left something on the bus, at the first opportunity, please ring our office on 01954 230011 during office hours (Monday to Friday 09:00 – 16:45). We will then be able to confirm whether we have received the item or log the loss so that we can ensure you are reunited with your property should it be found and handed in to us. You can then arrange to come and collect the item from our office again during office hours. Another option is to send us a self-addressed envelope or jiffy bag with sufficient postage attached and we will return the item to you.

Please note that any bank cards or credit cards will be destroyed after seven days of retention, and all non-perishable lost property will be dispensed with after three months.

Can I use my concessionary pass to travel with Whippet?

We are smartcard enabled and accept the English National Concession Bus Pass. Please have your pass ready to present to the machine on entering the bus.

This pass entitles free travel on buses at ‘off-peak’ times, (standardised nationally as 9.30am until 11pm from Monday to Friday, and all day during weekends and bank holidays).

Outside these times, concessionary card holders will be required to pay the standard fare for the journey being made. But click here for exceptions

The scheme currently does not offer free travel for those in possession of concessionary passes issued by authorities outside of England.

What should I do if I have a complaint?

We take any complaint seriously and address any issues raised individually. Please use the contact details in the ‘contact us’ section of this website.

How can I find out which timetable I need to look at?

You can click on Routes in the menu at the top of the page or you can use our search facility to locate bus routes which serve the places you wish to travel between. Note, there may not be a direct bus between your start and finish points. You can call Traveline on 0871 200 2233 or visit www.travelinesoutheast.org.uk

What luggage is allowed on the bus, can I bring a pushchair or a bike?

Subject to space, You may take a reasonable amount of luggage with you at no extra charge and if there is space it should be stowed in the allocated luggage rack. You should ensure that your luggage does not obstruct the gangways or exits.

We do not permit bicycles on board our vehicles. However, folded bicycles are allowed so long as they do not present a risk to other passengers, their property or our vehicle.  We encourage owners of collapsible bikes to use a bike bag to prevent sharp edges from being exposed. Folded bicycles must not be taken upstairs on double-deckers.

Light, folding pushchairs / buggies can be brought on board and should be stored without obstruction. All our buses have space for a wheelchair user, so unfolded buggies can use this when it is not required.

Due to the differences in the size and layout of vehicles, there are no set limits as to what can be brought on board. However, the driver’s discretion is always final.

Are dogs allowed on the bus?

Whippets travel free when accompanied by a human with a valid ticket or pass.  Other friendly dogs will also be allowed to travel with their owners.  All dogs must be on a lead, should sit on the floor (not blocking the aisle) and should be taken upstairs on double-deckers. If another pet is already on board then the driver may refuse access to the bus.

What is the policy on smoking?

It is illegal to smoke on board public transport.  We also do not permit electronic cigarettes.

Do your buses run on Public Holidays?

A Sunday service operates on Public Holidays which means only Universal runs on those days.

We do not operate any buses on Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Year’s Day.

Where can I take photos of your buses?

We would suggest that you visit the Universal route in Cambridge or Huntingdon bus station where you can see a significant section of our fleet – the majority of our buses are out of the yard during the working day.

I’d like to advertise on your buses, what should I do?

All advertising is managed by Exterion Media. Their website is www.exterionmedia.com/uk

Are all your vehicles wheelchair friendly?

Yes, all the buses used on services are wheelchair accessible.

How often are the buses cleaned?

Our buses are on the road from early in the morning doing upwards of 200-300 miles a day. They can get very dirty during this time, but they are normally cleaned daily.

Why do the electronic times at bus stops sometimes disappear?

Many bus stops across Cambridgeshire have Real Time Information (RTI) displays provided by the County Council. The times are displayed in two different ways.

If the display shows a number counting down, e.g “13min”, then this means the bus is predicted to arrive in 13 minutes.  The bus has been detected using GPS tracking and is on its way. The time will reduce as the bus gets closer and should change to “due” just before the bus arrives.

If the time shown is just the scheduled time, e.g “09:43″, then the bus has not been detected.  This does not necessarily mean the bus won’t arrive at 09:43 – It might be due to the journey being much later in the day and the bus has not entered service yet. Or it could be a defective piece of equipment on board the bus or an error in the information which controls the system. Under this scenario, the journey will disappear from the display at 09:44 as the system assumes the bus is running on time.