A Whippet is for life, not just Christmas shopping!

Travelling by bus can be enjoyable as well as good value.  A day return to Cambridge from anywhere on our bus network is a maximum of £5.50 for adults (£4 for children aged 5-15 or £4.50 for students) and you can get off and on at various stops in Cambridge City Centre, meaning you often don’t have to retrace your steps!  We even have some Group tickets for travel after 09:00 on Mondays to Fridays (any time at weekends) – 1 adult and 2 children can travel all day for just £6.50 with the ‘One Plus Two’ ticket or for just £11 up to 5 people can travel all day (no more than 4 adults).

Here are some suggested trips to other places for those in need of some post-Christmas excitement.

Huntingdon (routes 45A and X3) – Explore the shops, visit the Cromwell Museum and the Cambs Lock Antique Centre or simply stroll along the riverside and enjoy lunch at the Old Bridge Hotel.  An afternoon walk across Portholme Meadow (subject to flooding) can get you to Godmanchester, where routes 476, 477 and X3 get you back to Huntingdon.

Houghton Mill (route 45A) – our bus gets you to the middle of the pretty village of Houghton, just a two minute walk from Houghton Mill. Explore this 18th Century Watermill then stroll across the meadows to Hemingford Abbots (subject to flooding) where route 5 can get you to St Ives.
Example: Depart St Ives at 10:05 on Mondays to Fridays and spend over two hours exploring Houghton (including refreshments in the tea shop by the mill) before a very leisurely walk (approximately 30 minutes) across the meadows to Hemingford Abbots. You can have a drink in the Axe and Compass whilst waiting for route 5 which departs at 13:36, getting you back to St Ives in 10 minutes. Or simply return on the 45A from Houghton at 12:10 or 14:10.

St Neots (route 6) – visit this riverside town to experience some great shops, the Charter Market on Thursdays or take a walk along the riverside and enjoy refreshments at the Ambience Café (open daily except 30/31 December and 1st Jan).  Route 6 runs on Mondays to Fridays and departs Fenstanton at 09:35, Hilton at 09:40, Papworth at 09:45, Cambourne Morrisions at 09:55 and Lower Cambourne at 09:57.  The return journey from St Neots departs at 13:20.